Back story …

With four acres and almost no sightlines to the neighbors, this property provides ample opportunities for a variety of settings. Whether utilizing one of the unique buildings or an intriguing path through the woods, creative filmmakers will find stand-out backdrops for their vision. FeatherHill Texas is the permanent residence of its owners, and the property is designed for multi-purpose use with minimal impact on others. The owners are fond of travel and willing to vacate when the entire property is rented, but for partial property rentals or even single-day rentals of the Main House, mutually-beneficial arrangements will be made to accommodate the filming schedule. The owners of FeatherHill Texas have experience in the film industry, ranging from five years in Hollywood art departments to soundtrack composition to simply being extras. Standard industry practices are well understood and integrated into the agreement. 

Cantina with “Crow’s Nest”

The Cantina has an elevated deck on its roof called the Crow’s Nest, which can be used for elevated shots looking down on the area around the Yin-Yang fire pit or can be a set unto itself.

Cantina Kitchen

Unique angles available in this kitchen which includes a one-of-a-kind diner booth with fish-shaped table covered in eclectic collage art, plus a large floor-to-ceiling arch top window.

Cantina Back Deck

Creates a “stage” that enables shooting from all angles.

Various locations “in the woods”

including a full-size labyrinth, a small cabana with front deck, a small stone walk bridge, and various paths through the woods with room to shoot.

Main House

The owner’s primary residence can also be used as a film set.

Seasonal Pond

In prior years the pond was only available for part of the year, but in 2022 the pond was reshaped to increase the retention period. Additional measures will be taken if needed towards the goal of being full year-round.

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