Film Location

Unique location for film, television and still photography with parking and facilities on site.  

Family Reunions

House with large kitchen/common room, three sleeping cabins, cantina with separate kitchen and outdoor bar, large fire pit, game area including washers, plenty of sites for tent camping, 18-hole disc golf course, and seasonal pond.

Vacation Rental

Individual cabins available when owners are present and entire property including house, all cabins, and disc golf course available when owners are away.


From formal concerts to informal gatherings of musicians, Featherhill Texas has long been a place for artists to get together.

An Uncommon Residence

FeatherHill Texas is the permanent residence of its owners, and the property is designed for multi-purpose use with minimal impact on others. The owners are fond of travel and willing to vacate when the entire property is rented, but for partial property rentals or even single-day rentals of the Main House, mutually-beneficial arrangements will be made to accommodate the event schedule.

A Unique Property

FeatherHill Texas is a family-owned property designed for multiple uses from the outset. Cabins for weekend camping were initially created, followed by a shared Bath House and then the Cantina (pictured) – a communal kitchen with outdoor bar and covered patio. A full residential house was added in more recent years.

Rural Life in the City

Though less than a mile outside the city limits, the property feels like it is deep into the foothills country that expands from Austin to the southwest. 

What our clients say

Featherhill Texas is different things to different people,
yet the common thread is a feeling of peace and well-being.

“Finding Feather Hill is like finding a little piece of old Austin. We were greeted each morning and evening with a herd of young deer passing through to graze on the open field next to the pond. I can’t wait to spend more time here.”

Gabe Wilson
Production designer, Hollywood

“When searching for a venue to host a house concert for an artist/friend, I was delighted to discover the small stage at FeatherHill. The atmosphere is very friendly and the owners provided tables and chairs for 75 people. The outdoor bar and the gaming area kept the attendees happily occupied before and after the  show, and folks were all smiles as they were leaving.”

Mark Weiss
Retired JUDGE/Attorney

“Just a hard right hand turn down a short dirt road into this tranquil secluded property, I emerged into a truly magical space. There were several small bungalows situated about, offering privacy among the oaks for our group of friends.”

Nicole Sullivan
Set Decorator, Hollywood


Please tell us a little more about yourself and how you would like to utilize FeatherHill Texas.

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