The four-acre FeatherHill property was originally purchased as raw land in 2007. There was, in fact, no way to access the property without climbing over the fence at the corner of Featherhill Road and Crestview Drive. A driveway had to be bulldozed through the trees to allow access for vehicles. Incremental building was the story of the first ten years, beginning with the basic infrastructure of water and then electricity, which was run underground to avoid any poles or suspended wires interfering with the natural beauty of the land. The owners did not live at the property during this time, and work progressed slowly, with about one building or other structure being added each year.

Early construction was primitive; a small clearing was cut in the trees and a screened-in room was built, creating a place to camp mosquito-free in the summer. As that room transformed into a full cabin with electricity, the Bath House was built directly adjacent, and the converted shed that would become the Lucky Cabin was put in place as well. An Artist Studio was built under the big oak, and this would eventually transform into the Piano Room. The need for a kitchen was already pressing and so the Cantina was born. The idea of a lookout point on top of the Cantina was embellished into the current Crow’s Nest. A small outdoor stage was built to complete the circle of buildings, and a yoga cabana was erected near the back corner of the property. Finally in 2016 the owners moved into the Creekside Cabin for over a year while the main house was being designed and constructed. They took residence in the main house in 2017.

(Quiet Time)

Great care is taken to preserve the peaceful setting of the property, and this extends to the neighbors of FeatherHill Texas. While the homes of neighbors are only visible from a few spots near the property’s borders, sound travels easily in this quiet area and care must be taken not to create unnecessary disturbances. All sound beyond conversational level is stopped by 10PM each night. Ample parking within the property (and not visible from the road) alleviates the clogging of neighborhood roads, which do not lend themselves well to roadside parking.

Endless Possibility

The settings at FeatherHill Texas are widely varied and suited to many different purposes. The only limitation is your imagination!

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